Learning to write a good sales copy is not something that you can learn by reading the quick tutorial: It requires training. Although you may not be the most famous ad writer in the world at night, there are still some suggestions that you can use to increase the response to sales messages.

You should first learn that the title is almost everything. If your address is very bad, or worse, most people will not be able to see it in your sales letter. The title should be funny, ridiculous and interesting.

It should quickly attract the attention of tourists. Your title can have amazing prices, strong questions, or amazing stories. “Six months ago, I lived in Los Angeles streets and was homeless because my adjustable interest rate has increased and I can not pay for the mortgage, but now I live in a 7-figure high-rise apartment. ….. ”

It wants readers to know more: did this person get nothing and become rich? A good copy of the sale usually tells a story that can communicate with the public. You should not tell us a copy of a fairy tale.

Of course, he can prove that the Federal Trade Commission or the prosecutor does not want to face any issue. A good copy gives people the reason to continue reading. If you describe the interesting and engaging story related to the product in any way and how it affects you, then it will be according to your visitors.

Each paragraph should be the cause of the next paragraph, which will allow readers to enter the game as much as possible. Consumers usually buy on the basis of passion and then buy it through logic. They rarely buy from logic.

Due to their characteristics, they do not buy the product: they buy it for the benefit of this factor, what is for me. If you sell a car, you can not tell the buyer that you have a Corinthian chair, ABS brake and ultrasound system.

You have to sell it to your neighbors and colleagues. You will feel embarrassed. The girl will join her They will feel that they are the kings of the world every time. Then you will buy according to the fantasies you just gave, and they will use logic to prove the rationality of future purchases.

In each online sales letter, you need to get a title, and many subtitles can be increased. Despite the written story, you have to add each part according to the usefulness of separating the solitary vowel.

Do not forget the last call to action, as well as the back of the text, or two summary requests if they are good intestionists who hate to read. Visit some of your favorite sales sites and follow their style and style. Check “Voucher File”, where you can borrow ideas (instead of content) from the original author and use it for the target audience.