Don’t Forget the Small Things! You Need a Favicon!

You have seen them hundreds even thousands of times. But you may not pay much attention to why they are there, or you may have simply overlooked this small image.

A favicon is a tiny 16 x 16 pixel image that is displayed in the upper left corner of your browser, the tabs in the browser, and if you have a site saved as a favorite even in the bookmarks menu.

Why is that so important?

If you keep your standard default favicon it just screams “NOOB!”  It will be blatantly obvious that you are new to this.

It gives you a chance to display an icon that is consistent to your brand.  A visual representation of you or your brand for your audience to easily recognize.

Think about all the icons that are easily recognizable.  The image below is just a small selection of the most popular ones.

I bet you can tell which company most of the favicons belong to just by the icon.

Your site will look more professional with a favicon

Don’t just throw up any icon.  Take some time to think about your site, your brand, and how you want your audience to recognize your site when tabbing through their browser, or pulling your page back up in the favorite menu.

A favicon will not make or break your success online, so I wouldn’t waste a lot of time on it. Just make sure to have a custom one for your site up before you start driving traffic.

Seeing a favicon like this image below will stick you out like a sore thumb and you will lose credibility.

It is too easy to not update your favicon on your webpage.  The video in the beginning of this post shows you how I created a favicon in Photoshop from my logo and uploaded it to my Thesis Theme for WordPress.

If you don’t have Thesis, and can still easily update your favicon.

To change your favicon!

Create a 16 x 16 pixel image using, Photoshop like I did, or gimp, paint, or any other image software you like.  The important thing is the size of the image (16 x 16 pixels) and make sure to save the file as (favicon.ico).

Once you saved this image upload it to your websites root folder. If you are using WordPress the root folder is public_html

Reload your page after you uploaded the favicon.ico file to your websites root folder and gaze at your accomplishment.

That’s one small step for you, one giant leap for your website!

Questions or comments? Share your thoughts below!