business man thinking wasting timeIt’s been 5 days since my last post, and I am still feeling sidelined. My energies are being spread way too thin, I am thinking and learning too much, wasting time and getting nothing  really done.

Trying to make money online is becoming more and more like “Whac-a-Mole“.

I am the guy with the mallet, waiting eagerly for the next opportunity to surface its little head out from below. The moles are all the different ways to make money online. Every time I swing the mallet down it’s me trying to take in all I can about today’s new idea. As the days goes on and days pass, I become lost in all the noise that is internet business.

In August of this year (2012) I took the next step in making it big on the web. I subscribed to the Internet Business Mastery Academy to provide some guidance and a direction. I decided to subscribe to this membership site because all the big players that I have seen in the internet business genre have either been in the academy or listened to their podcast on iTunes. They must know what they are talking about if they have produced such names as Pat Flynn with the Smart Passive Income Blog.

If you are interested in the academy click the link above.  The link for the academy is an affiliate link. So I would make a commission if you subscribe. 

I say that to say this, I will be trying to focus 100% of my efforts on the academy material. They have a proven record, and I am simply going down too many different rabbit holes, and never finding the light at the end.  I have been going through the modules and practically breathing their audio, and videos, so much so that my girlfriend needs to tell me to stop listening to Jeremy and Jason and talk to her.

About two years ago I started an LLC and got real into the drop-shipping method of making money online. I tried it through eBay, and  I sold a good amount of products, but the margins were low and the amount of work involved was more than I thought.  That turned into a missed opportunity and a failure.

I still have the company and about the only thing I still sell now is a Litter Box Hider, and its expensive too.  Take a look here. As a matter of fact I had a purchase just this past weekend.

I see some potential for this product and market, but again I am being spread too thin to really develop this right now. It’ll stay on the back burner a little while longer while I work through the academy and hopefully make a decent income through my internet business.

Lesson to take here is this. Stay focused, stay organized and be productive. Do not undertake too many different projects at the same time.  Because if you do you will be like me and look back and see a handful of almost completed projects, and none of them making any money online.

If you are currently or have before struggled with being spread too thin, share your experience in the comments below.