The Internet is forever expanding; on average everyday there are over 100,000 WordPress blogs being created.  With all this information coming on the scene and the so-called Internet Guru’s already flooding the Web, how do we stay organized and stay focused?  My last post was me at a point where I didn’t have a clear direction, I was lost in the wilderness of Information Overload.  I found a great way to stay focused and organized.  I believe when we are trying to Make Money Online we need to be extremely focused.  There are always new ways to do things, and the next great idea to make money seems very enticing and we are eager and excited and tempted to quickly change what we are doing and try the next idea. 

It is extremely important to have checklists, and goals; goals for your day, week, month and even longer.  Keep your eye on the prize, Financial Freedom.  Without goals we will just wander around never really ending at our destination of really making money online.  We will just be like the rest of wanna-be’s soaking up all this information and never implementing any of the strategies we have learned.  

If you are like me and may have been lost or confused with where to start, lets first come up with a method of organization.  We need to organize our thoughts, ideas, questions and answers, tasks that need to be completed, research we need to do, marketing, SEO, the list goes on and on.  I recently heard of a program called Evernote.  This handy application has made wonders in my internet business.  Click Here to go to their webpage, or copy and past the following URL  

Take a moment, download the app for your computer, set up an account, it is very easy.  Then download it to your iPhone, iPad, tablet, as a matter of fact download it for every device you have that it is compatible for, and start using it!  

I am confident this well help you stay organized and keep you on track for success.  Let me know what you think of it and how it has helped you