Red dart hitting target center How to build a Micro Niche Site | part 1: The Introduction

It’s been a little while since I posted here on my blog. Not because I got lazy or stop trying to make money online. It’s just that I have been tossing around so many different ideas to where to put most of my effort.

For starters I have a few different projects that take up my time. Let’s not forget about my 9-5 day job too.  So all of my internet business work gets done at night.  Currently I have my hand in the following projects.

  • Amazon store selling physical products that are drop-shipped.
  • Freedom Making Money Online blog.
  • Photoshop Tutorials HQ

And lets add a 4th! 


I am adding a 4th for a few different reason.

1:  My Amazon store right now only actually sells 1 product a month.  Strangely enough it is a cat litter-box hider.  I know it sounds a little wacky, and the even weirder part is that it sells for over $200.  I see potential here but I am not putting much effort into it right now.  I will spend more time on that when I get the other sites running smoothly.

2:  Freedom Making Money Online Blog is really online to document my success and failures as I try to escape the 9-5 and make a full-time income passively entirely online. I will never break into the “Make Money Online” niche without any experience doing it. There will be no trust in me as a credible source of information if I have never done it. There are plenty of wanna-be gurus out there. I will not be one of them. 

3:  The Photoshop Tutorials HQ website is in its infancy stage. I am still in the process of getting it designed properly, and creating the amount of material to rank in Google, and build a following that will eventually generate an income is going to take a while.


That’s were creating a micro site comes in. The idea is to launch a micro site from scratch and post every part of the process online. It will document how I go about doing every step, and we will see if it really leads to making money online.

It is not a get rich quick tactic. I do not plan to make hundreds or thousands of dollars on this project. It is to get some experience doing all phases on internet business and making money online.  Even if the money is only $10 a month.

I keep hearing that the first time you make money online is a life changing experience, it puts it into reality that this really is possible. I have already made some money through Amazon store, which in the past sold more than litter-box hiders. The store sold duvet cover sets, which sold great in the holiday season. Thinking of that it is October and I should put some effort into that again.  That will be a totally different project I will get into here on the blog in the future.

I want this Micro-niche project to be about making money through a small site, that doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to manage.

 If it works out and money is made then it can be repeated over and over again making a little money from a lot of different sites will eventually add up.

The micro niche site isn’t going to be my primary means of escaping the 9-5, but I think it will help me gain valuable experience and hopefully lead to a small amount on cash.

My main focus will be the Photoshop site which I will also share my experience with on this blog as well. That site will one day be a full fledge authority site, maybe even have a membership section.  The possibilities are endless with that. But it is just starting and will definitely take time.

Keep a checking back because in the next couple days I will have the first post of the Micro-Niche Project. 

The first post will show how to find the niche to create a site about.

If you have any ideas on how I am doing things, comments or suggestions please comment below.