Cubibles from a call centerMaking Money Online and Working a Full-time Job isn’t Easy

So it’s Thursday and I haven’t made much progress with my Internet business this week.  Last week was the first week that I went full-time working on the Internet business in trying to make money online.  I was able to increase the amount of time that week because I was in-between jobs.  Prior I was working at home doing technical support, and was able to spend some time working on my Internet business in between calls and during down time, breaks and lunches.  Then I took a week off between the two positions, which most people would have used for an actual vacation. I spent it learning more about marketing, search engine optimization, word a press, twitter, and that the list goes on and on.  I easily spent 40 plus hours in my home office working on making money online.

Currently I do not make any money online, I don’t even have any ads up, or any affiliate links anywhere.  I think back on that week when I was able to spend my time working from home, on my Internet business, and I imagine my life with that kind of freedom. Being able to work from home, work the hours I want is a type of freedom.  I could have spent my time the way I wanted to.  For me I wanted to spend it learning about making money on line with an Internet business.  It didn’t feel like work to me, I would get lost in this stuff.  Not in a way where nothing got done, I was productive, and I saw growth in my traffic and also increased followers on my Twitter account.  It wasn’t going to last for long.

This week  on September 10th,  I started a new position, and sadly it is an 8am-5pm position, and just like that I am back in a cubicle.  I sort of felt like a prisoner who had a life sentence in jail and then being allowed to have a week vacation.  Then after all the fun, drinking on the beach, having to and willingly walk back into a jail cell and closing the cell door behind.  I exaggerate here quite a bit , but I think you get the point.  Bills have to get paid, I need a roof over my head and food in my belly, at the bare minimum I need these things.  What about wanting more though.  I go back to my dream of having  Freedom by Making Money Online.

The real problem with working a full-time job and trying to start an Internet business is finding the time to work on your online business.  It’s cliche but I really do wish there was more time in a day.  To get the business growing again it is going to take more focus and better time management than ever to make this work.  My plan is to come up with 2 to 3 posts a week of my tutorial site, and also this site.  It probably isn’t the best idea to work two blogs at the same time when I am just getting started.  But I do not really consider this one my main focus, this is more to document my journey to financial freedom.  And eventually escaping the dreaded 9-5, or in my case the dreaded 8-5.

Creating content isn’t the only part of internet marketing.  There is off page SEO (search engine optimization) that cannot be neglected.  Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, need to be regularly updated as well.  Organization is going to be more crucial than ever at this point.  Only having an hour or two a day or every other day, I better make sure to stay productive during those times.

The plan is to use checklists, mind maps, and then setting daily, weekly and monthly goals.  I will periodically share useful checklists I have created and also share on the blog some goals and deadlines that I may have, as a way to keep myself organized and be held accountable.

Instead of thinking “I wish there was more time in the day” I need to start thinking and acting in a way that is in line with “I must make the most out of every hour today”.  This way of thought will keep me focused, and stay productive even when the amount of time I have to work on my internet business may be limited.

Are you also trying to make money online, and at the same time you have a full-time job?

Please comment below and share any thoughts you have about this bold move.

Tips on staying more productive or questions on what to do with the limited time you have, post them below.

Till next time, stay focused in the quest to achieve Financial Freedom with Making Money Online.