When trying to decide on a business model to make money online the amount of information that is floating around the internet can be too much; overwhelming comes to mind.  Where do I begin?  What information is important, and what is just a waste of time.  I need to determine what is relevant for my situation and what is needed to get done today.  Spending all my time reading, or listening to podcasts about other people’s success is valuable to an extent.  I need to stay focused and be able to prioritize tasks effectively.

The plan right now is to develop a niche site that will organically make its ranks to the number 1 spot in Google search results, or at least the top 10.  Being on the first page, which is the top ten is vital to making any money online.  How many times do you go to the second, third or even the forth page of Google for something?  I never do.  Okay, well what’s the problem then?  It sounds much easier on the surface than it is.  Come to find out there are a lot of little pieces to this puzzle. Little things that need to be done before you can really move on to the next task.  Skipping around and then coming back to make changes because I didn’t think things through is just wasting my time and money.  What I am trying to do essentially is piece together a puzzle.  I know what it looks like in the end, I can see the finished picture right on the box.  It’s me living it up, not stuck trading hours for money at my current 9-5 job.  It is similar to the idea from Tim Ferriss, author of “The 4-Hour Workweek”.  If you haven’t read this book I highly recommend it.  With all the internet marketing pieces scattered around my table, trying to begin seems like an impossible task.

Maybe I can learn a thing or two using this puzzle analogy?

When you start a puzzle typically you’d want to start with the edge pieces first.  The edge pieces are going to be the foundation of my business.  One part or piece will be the method of making money online.  There are countless ways to generate an income online.  I will discuss the multiple ways in a later post.  In my case I have decided to develop a niche site.  With this type of site it is all about content.  Bill Gates said this in a speech in 1996 and it is just as true today.  “Content is king!” Do not forget this, whatever you do.  If you plan on starting a niche site, or blog and you want organic traffic coming from search results than you need to have great content.  From everything I have learned so far, it’s that there is absolutely no substitute for good high quality original content.  The new Google Panda update is designed to get rid of the blog farms, and article farms that catapulted sites to the high ranks of Google without them producing value to the readers.  My intention will be to produce content that is valuable and content my audience wants and needs.  Filling a void in a market or to take my fair share in a given market.

I plan on going into this with content marketing being my business model, well then the next logical question is, in what niche?  The actual niche will be another piece of the puzzle, and I can honestly say it will be the most important piece.  Making a mistake here can have the potential to set me back months.  I could be working on a site for 6 months or longer and achieve no results because of a poorly picked market or niche.  I have been going around in my head, writing ideas down on paper, reading articles on blogs, and listening to podcasts all focused on this topic of picking a niche.  It is mind numbing. One moment I think I have a great topic and keyword, then after a little more research I realize it is no good.  I guess it’s better that I realize this now, instead of after countless hours spent working on creating content for it to just get lost on the information super highway.

The task at hand now is to find a niche I can get into and do keyword research, which I will go into much greater detail in another post.  This needs to be something that I will be capable of and willing to research, and write a lot of content on.  I am doing that with this blog currently, but I do not intend to make any money on this site at the moment.  This blog is in the Making Money Online niche which I stand no chance of competing with the big players right now, and I do not anticipate making it anywhere near the top of good in this over-populated topic.  I will be tracking the rank of this blog for fun.  I am doing this blog mainly to guide me through the process of blogging and documenting my journey from a normal 9-5 cubicle worker, to one day, making a living, and have Freedom by Making Money Online.

I hope my success or failures can be a learning opportunity to anyone reading this. I welcome any comments you have so please comment.

I hope to write about the different ways to make money online in a future post, and also document the right way to do your keyword research.

Stay tune, and take care.

– Dan