Before we begin making money online lets first try to understand what to expect throughout the journey of pursuing financial freedom.  We all wish we had a money tree in our backyard we can walk out to every morning while sipping on our coffee, pick off a few $20 bills, maybe a handful of $100 bills and enjoy the rest of the day doing whatever we please.  Reality is that just isn’t the case.  Money does not grow on trees and it takes hard work to earn money in most cases.  We may have jobs that aren’t considered “hard work”, nevertheless we are still exchanging our time for a paycheck.

In my current situation and I am sure is the case with most of you, the only way to make more money is to work more hours.  The beauty of overtime is that we might make time-and-a-half for our hours over 40 per week.

We can also ask for a raise, in hopes of making more money per hour.  This doesn’t always work unfortunately.  And even if it did we are still confined to our hourly limitations.

What about getting a second or third job?  Well that leaves us with even less time to do anything we enjoy doing.  I guarantee you that my girlfriend would not be happy if I wasn’t around much anymore.  And frankly neither would I.

What if there was a way to solve this problem?  A way we can make money to support ourselves and our family, having the freedom to spend our time in ways that we want to.  I am here to tell you that this is possible.  You can do it!

It will not be a get rich scheme, or any multi-level-marketing program.  This will take a lot of work on our parts, we will have to learn some things that may be new to us.  But nothing in life is free and that includes building a business online that will be capable of supporting our lifestyles.

I will be going through the entire process here on this blog, showing you that if I can do it, so can you.  I am starting with no prior marketing, or internet business experience.  I have however spent countless hours doing research in this industry.

This blog will be a road-map of my experience going from nothing to a successful internet marketer.  Please join me in the process and expect things to not always go 100% smooth.  I will be learning along the process.

I am actually starting my full-time job in 15 minutes, so I will wrap this post up by saying.

Thank you for visiting, please bookmark this blog, check back soon as I will be regularly posting my Freedom Making Money Online Blog.

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